Secret Weapon for Healthy Hair

April 4, 2017

Photos by Keenan Peterson


Ladies, I found the secret weapon to get your hair back to healthy and happy. Growing up I had a full head of hair, thick and curly, but college took a toll on my hair with four years of stress, an irregular diet and multiple coloring treatments. What once was my favorite feature soon became a part of my body I wanted to hide under hats or in buns. By graduation my hair had lost all its life, and in its place was scraggily, thinning, dull hair. I went through two years of hating my hair, trying to cover it up, and not feeling confident enough to style it. After years of searching and testing different products, treatments and pills, I came across Sugar Bear Hair vitamins on Instagram. 


I would also like to note before you continue to read about my hair transformation and the wonders of the Sugar Bear that I'm not a spokesperson for the brand, I'm not compensated or paid to tell you this, and I'm certainly not a hair specialist. I'm just a regular girl trying to help others who struggle with hair issues.



I started my Sugar Bear Hair journey in September of last year and have faithfully taken two everyday since. Around April of last year, I cut my hair shoulder length to try to get rid of the dead weight and scraggily hair. It was a good move to help my hair, but I couldn't get it to grow no matter how hard I tried. I change my diet (MORE PROTEIN) and tried to relieve stress by working out more, but I still didn't see results. My hair desperately needed a vitamin supplement.


So, why do Sugar Bear Hair vitamins work so well?

1. These little bears contain 5,000 mg of biotin, which is an essential ingredient for creating fatty acids that stimulate hair growth.

2. There's tons of other goodies packed into one including Vitamins A, Cs, D, E, B-6, B-12, Folic Acid, Pantothenic Acid, Iodine, Zinc, Choline and Inositol — essential ingredients to promote a healthy scalp.

3. You only have to take two daily (but you'll want more)!

4. They are tasty and chewable — made from real berries, citrus fruits, and coconut oil.




After 8 months of taking Sugar Bear Hair vitamins my hair is stronger, longer and shinier then ever. Still don’t believe me? I went to my hair stylist Lacey Campbell at Parlour 3 last Friday, and she was shocked by how long and thick my hair had become since she last saw me in December. She even pointed out new hair growth!


Sugar Bear Hair offers 3 different purchasing packages. A one month package for $29.99, a three month package for $89.97 (recommended for first time users to see real results), and a six month package for $179.94. I never regret buying them even though they are a little pricey. After all, your hair deserves a little love too!



Sending mermaid length hair vibes your way!




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