Sweet Valentines

February 13, 2017


Valentine's Day is almost here! Whether you are spending it with someone special, a few of your best girlfriends or even your puppy, I have found some sweet treats you can sink your teeth into while you watch your favorite Rom-Com. I'm no cook (take it from me), but these recipes are easy and fun.


I know what some of you may be thinking, "Valentine's Day is the absolute worst holiday of the year, " but don't just sit around and wollow in your singleness. Instead, choose to have fun and make the most of V-day with the one's you love!





My puppy, Kade, had his eyes on these sweet treats the whole time! He even got a little whipped cream at the end!




Lovesick Munchies: Perfect Combination of Sweet & Savory 


2 bags of microwave popcorn (lightly buttered or not buttered)

11oz bag of Ghiradelli classic white chips

1 1/2 cups of broken pretzels 

11 oz bag of M&Ms (I chose the Valentine's Day themed M&Ms)



1. Pop both bags of popcorn. Empty into mixing bowl and pick out unpopped kernels. 

2. Toss the broken pretzels and M&Ms into the mixing bowl.

3. Microwave white chocolate chips for 1 minute, take out and stir around with a rubber spatula. Add an extra 30 seconds to 1 minute if its not melted. 

4. Pour the white chocolate over the popcorn, pretzels and M&Ms. Use the spatula to stir around, spreading the melted chocolate evenly. 
5. Before the munchies dry, put the munchies in a serving bowl and add Valentine's Day themed sprinkles for decoration.




Love Potion: Pink Hot Chocolate 


4 cups of whole milk

1 1/2 cups of Ghiradelli classic white chips

2 teaspoons of Vanilla extract

1 teaspoon of red food coloring 

Whipped cream & sprinkles for topping



1. Add 4 cups of milk and white chocolate chips into a saucepan and cook over low heat. Stir mixture often until chocolate chips are melted. 

2. Stir in the vanilla extra. 

3. Add the teaspoon of red food coloring. 

4. Pour hot chocolate into clear mugs and top with whipped cream and sprinkles. Serves 2 full cups.




Hope you have a great Valentine's Day and enjoy the treats with whomever you are spending the day with!


Thanks for reading, 



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