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January 6, 2017


Starting your own business, brand or pursuing any creative profession can be frightening and exciting all at once. You never know if you will fail or succeed, but the goal to achieve your dreams is what continues to push you through the challenges. Two friends who share the same name and an unequivocal love for Christ experienced this feeling firsthand. 


MacKenzie Wilson from Clyde, North Carolina, and Mackenzie Baker from Los Angeles, California, met at the end of their freshman year at Belmont University. Their college friends urged the cofounders to get to know each other because they not only shared names but also personalities. They talked about their faith over dinner and instantly became best friends. 


The girls reunited their sophomore year and decided to start a bible study on Belmont's campus. The bible study first met in the bell tower on a Friday morning. The cofounders did not know what to expect, but when 20 girls showed up they started to dream and plan the blueprints of their budding campus bible study. By the end of the year, 100 girls came to study the Bible and worship together. 


                                                            Photo by Delight Ministries


The following summer Wilson and Baker started creating the curriculum for their bible study, building a brand and constructing a structure for their business. Delight Ministries launched their junior year and the community spread to four other college campuses. 

Now, three years later, Delight can be found on 70 college campuses across the nation. Each chapter is lead by a designated student leader who continues the Delight brand. No matter what campus you are on, each Delight chapter delivers a Christ-centered community and an environment for spiritual growth for college women.


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