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Valle De Guadalupe | Travel Diary

Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Since making the move to California, my fiancé (Kevin) and I can't help but want to travel and explore all around this beautiful state. Our latest adventure took us to Valle De Guadalupe in Baja California, Mexico.

We met my cousin and her friends in San Diego for a quick day-trip over the border to Mexico's wine country. From Los Angeles, it was around two and a half hour drive to San Diego where we caught a 20-minute Uber ride to the border. We walked across the border to Tijuana. It was an easy process to get through security — just be sure to bring your passport! Once across, we had a private van service drive us two hours south to Valle de Guadalupe and around to the different vineyards once there. If you are planning to go with a large group, this is the perfect way to get around in unfamiliar territory.

Many wine lovers are calling Valle De Guadalupe the "new Napa Valley." I can attest to the beauty of Mexico's wine region and the delicious wine that grows there. My only complaint is that we didn't stay there long enough!

First Stop: El Cielo

El Cielo was our first stop on the wine tour. This winery was beautifully landscaped and the Tuscan-style architecture was picturesque. There we ate lunch at El Cielo's restaurant Latitude 32, featuring authentic Baja-Yucatan cuisine such as fresh grilled octopus and a delicious seafood catch-of-the-day. We tasted a buttery Chardonnay and flavorful Pinot Noir with our lunch. The vineyard offers a guided wagon tour of the grounds and tastings; unfortunately, we didn't get to do this, but I would recommend if you're into learning more about the wineries.

Second Stop: Decantos Vinicola

Decantos Vinicola was our second stop of the day and maybe one of my favorites for the wide-variety of flavors in their wine. This Mexican winery sits on a hill overlooking many acres of wine country. I loved the modern style of the tasting room featuring a panoramic view of the hillside. This was definitely a hotspot for locals and tourist alike. The name Decantos refers to the method of "decanting" wine as it is made. In the tasting room, we tried three reds and two whites —all varying in flavors of fruit like pineapple and banana, notes of coffee, and earthy tones of tobacco. Decantos is a must if you ever visit Valle De Guadalupe.

Third Stop: Adobe Guadalupe

Adobe Guadalupe was our third stop on the tour, and offered up some really stunning views and picturesque landscape. This was our shortest stop on the trip as we were running out of daylight and had planned to go to one last winery before heading back to the US. Kevin and I shared a delicious glass of red while we walked around the grounds. The sunset was gorgeous here. A definite must on your wine tour, if not for the wine then for the views.

Fourth Stop: Finca La Carrodilla

Finca la Carrodilla was our last stop of the day. Also, equally as stunning as all of the other places we went. Unfortunately, I did not taste wine here as I was crashing from a day full of drinking and site-seeing. Finca has a cute little cafe below the tasting room so Kevin and I stopped for an espresso while the others went up stairs to taste the vineyard's wine.

I would definitely recommend Valle de Guadalupe for a fun weekend getaway with friends, an alternative bachelorette trip, or a romantic vacation. The country is beautiful, prices aren't too expensive, and the wine is delicious!



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