Bored In The House | Quarantine Style

This quarantine has been draining emotionally and creatively. I'm sure millions of you feel the same way! Never, in my life, have I experienced anything like this. As a creative, my life revolves around getting out and experiencing life, finding inspiration in my travels, and collaborating with other creatives to produce new art. Being stuck inside and seeing the same walls of my apartment just doesn't do the job for me. Day to day, I've been feeling lost and honestly just bored. So, I did what I know how to do best and create new content for entertainment sake.

SHOOT #1 | 90s Blue Jean Baby

SHOOT #2 | Reality In Black + White

SHOOT #3 | The Insider Lookbook

SHOOT #4 | California Country

Which quarantine style is your favorite?

I hope everyone is staying happy and healthy!



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