Falling For Fall: Fashion Must-Haves

Photos by Kevin Hutchens

Halloween has come and gone. November has officially begun, which means the holiday season is quickly approaching. While many start to plan for the Christmas season, I continue to soak up all the beauty of fall! Whether it's the colorful foliage or the warm comfy sweaters, fall always gets me inspired to test out new fashion trends and transform my wardrobe. In the typical Lashville fashion, I try to throw in some pieces from last fall because there's no shame in recycling.

Here are a few trends I'm falling in love with this fall:

1. Leather - whether it's a leather pant, jacket, or boots, you can never go wrong with a leather look. Throw in a maroon, grey or brown leahter to mix-up the look.

2. Cheetah print - a girl's gotta look cheetahlicious sometimes! A fierce fashionista can't go wrong with a cheetah print dress, boot, top, or even a fun faux fur coat.

3. Chunky knits - should I say anymore? Comfy and cute — I mean come on! I love to pair chunky knits with a pair of jeans or even to throw on over a dress.

4. Extra socks - I don't mean two or three, I mean "EXTRA!" I love to put on a fishnet sock, sheer hose sock, or even a fuzzy sock to wear in my boots, heels, and sneakers.

5. Statement belts - a belt that makes a statement is the best way to turn a boring outfit into an outfit your favorite fashionista would wear. Pair a corset belt with a printed dress or a western belt with a pair of jeans.

6. Mid-length dresses - it use to be taboo to wear a dress above your ankles. Many years later it became acceptable to wear a dress above the knee. Now in 2018, we are dropping that hemline back down to below the knee. Yes ladies, modesty is back in style!

FASHION TIP: I love a mid-length dress with a pair of over-the-knee boots for cooler days.

7. White - I know what you are thinking,"isn't there a rule about not wearing white after Labor Day?" Well, the fashion world has finally decided to shake their heads and admit the rule was old and outdated. I love a beautiful white on white outfit in the fall and winter time.

8. Layering - Nashville is notorious for being freezing cold one day to summer-like weather the next. The southern fall calls for lots of clothing that is good for layering. Start with a cute top that you can wear on it's own and then throw on a sweater or jacket to stay warm in the morning and evening.

9. Denim - denim has quickly become one of my favorite fabrics. I love to pair a denim jacket with my fall outfits because it's not too heavy a material so you can still layer pieces under it.

10. Hair Accessories - from hair scarves to hats, I love adding a hair accessory to make my outfit more interesting. Check out my last blog post to find out my favorite places to shop for the perfect hat.




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