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NYC, the Big Apple, the City of Dreams, the City That Never Sleeps, Empire City, Gotham...whatever you want to call it New York City is a must-add destination to your travel bucket list. I always love visiting the city, and now that my best friend lives there I have all the excuses in the world to go! I started visiting NYC in high school for summer ballet camps. In school I watched all the New York-based television shows, which immediately pulled me into the big city's charm (in all its Hollywood glamorized self of course!). For a while I even thought about living there after college and sometimes still fantasize what life would be like there! But, for now I'll just visit.

Day 1

I traveled with my sister, Keenan Peterson, for a three day vacation to visit my college friend Grace Mason who lives on the Lower East Side. We stayed in her Manhattan apartment which had all the trademark features of a NYC abode (tiny, noisy, yet charming). On our first day there (which was actually a half-day) we visited the Brooklyn Bridge. We walked to the bridge from her apartment by taking the waterfront walking path. We got there by nightfall which end up being the perfect time to see all the beautiful city lights.

Central Park

Day 2

By day two we hit the ground running. We started our day with a shopping trip to Zara. This is a must-do for any fashion-lover that doesn't have the pleasure of shopping at a physical Zara store. I went a little crazy there, but it was my birthday and totally worth it.

We grabbed a quick bite to eat at Pret A Manger before heading uptown to visit Central Park. I've been to the park before but it is so massive that you could go there many times without seeing it all. It's the perfect place to people watch, have a picnic, soak up sunshine, or get some exercise on a nice day. Some of the locations we saw in the park where the Boathouse Restaurant, the Alice and Wonderland statue, the Mall, Friedsam Memorial Carousel, and Conservatory Water.

The Met

After we spent some time in the park we moved on to visit The Met. Although we didn't tour the museum, we did sit on the famed steps in front of the building (it was a very surreal experience as a Gossip Girl fan).

Top of the Rock

Our last tourist stop of the day was a vertical trip up to the Top of the Rock to see the city skyline. This was on of my favorite tourist stops of the trip. You can really see everything from up there!

We finished off our day with cocktails and jazz music at The Django under the Roxy Hotel and tacos at Otto's Tacos on the Lower East Side.

Yumi Kim Mural

Day 3

We kicked-off day two with breakfast at Tompkins Square Bagels. We were pretty tired from the day before so we decided to take it easy. We did what any 20-something year-old girls would do on a day off in NYC — shopping! We spent the day wandering around Soho, going in and out of shops, visiting Washington Square Park, and walking along the High Line.

Washington Square Park

We had dinner and drinks at The Park right by the High Line, and splurged for vegan ice cream at Van Leuwen for dessert.

Our last morning in New York we brunched at Mr. Purple, a hotspot, rooftop bar above Hotel Indigo on the Lower East Side.

My Recommended List


where I ate, drank + visited

Food & Drinks:

1. Tompkins Square Bagels - best NYC bagels

2. The Park - great atmosphere for dinner + drinks

3. Pret A Manger - quick/healthy eats

4. Mr. Purple - hotspot, rooftop bar, cocktails, brunch

5. Van Leeuwen Ice Cream - ice cream, vegan

6. The Django at the Roxy Hotel - vibey jazz club, craft cocktails

7. Otto's Tacos - tasty quick eats


1. Brooklyn Bridge

2. Central Park

3. The Met 4. Rockefeller Plaza

5. Top of the Rock

6. Soho

7. Zara

8. East Village

9. The High Line

10. Washington Square Park


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2. Subway

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