Pretty In Pink | 10 Spring Must-Do's

Photos by Keenan Peterson

Alright, this one's for all my Molly Ringwald lovers out there because who rocked pink better than Miss Andie Walsh (that's a Pretty In Pink reference, my friends). I typically don't wear pink or much color in general. Most of my closet consists of blacks, whites, and neutrals, but just for spring I decided to go crazy and embrace my inner Andie with this Free People drop hem dress. I paired this dress with my favorite white booties by Steve Madden and the Desi Perkins High Key sunglasses by Quay Australia. My new favorite item in my closet has been this Lack of Color Zulu hat I bought from The Next Native. You might have seen it in my last blog post, and I can promise you that you'll be seeing it a lot more!

Nashville is really starting to bloom, and the days are getting progressively warmer. Everyday I try to get outside and enjoy the beauty around me. Since there are so many activities that I want to do this spring, I decided to write them down — kind of like a bucket list. Maybe you can do them along with me?

1. Have a picnic in your favorite park.

2. Sip wine with your best gals at a vineyard.

3. Go hiking.

4. Take a trip. (I'm headed to NYC in two weeks)

5. Spend a Saturday morning at the local farmer's market.

6. Stop and listen to the rain.

7. Plant a garden.

8. Read a book at a coffee shop.

9. Switch over your wardrobe.

10. Go to a concert or music festival.

If you complete any of these activities let me know! Share on my Instagram.

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"This is a really volcanic ensemble you're wearing, it's really marvelous."

- Duckie from Pretty in Pink



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