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Photos by Keenan Peterson

Found this jumpsuit at Blush Boutique in Nashville

Explored East Nashville this past weekend. I live in West Nashville so I never really make it over there, but it's so trendy and has great shopping. All the cool kids live in East Nash!

Loving this vintage car parked outside of KITTY Nashville

There have been a lot of fact templates floating around Instagram stories lately (you may have seen some), but I thought it would be better to share some fun facts about me in a blog post — especially for some of my newer readers out there!

This is my favorite part about blogging; getting to be real with you guys is the reason why I started it in the first place. I always love reading more about the bloggers I follow. So, without further ado here are 10 things you may not know about me...also, stay tuned for outfit details later!

1. I have no true "childhood home." I was born in Lake Wylie, SC, where I lived until I was nine years old. Then my family moved to the small town of Staunton, VA (a place where nothing EVER happens), where I lived until I graduated from high school. My parents then moved to Richmond, VA, for two years while I was in college, and then relocated to Nashville, TN, the last two years of my college career. To say we moved around a lot is a serious understatement.

2. I became obsessed with fashion my last two years of high school. I dressed up in heels and dresses everyday (yeah I was THAT girl)! I watched Breakfast at Tiffany's and immediately wanted to be Holly Golightly. Audrey Hepburn is still one of my biggest inspirations.

3. I danced for 15 years of my life — mainly ballet, but also some tap and jazz. I was determined to became a ballerina and dance professionally in NYC. I even auditioned for dance schools all over the east coast my senior year, but never made the cut. I still love going to see the ballet, but always get a little emotional when I do!

4. I desperately want to travel the world, and one day I'm going to! I just need to have a little money saved up first (feel my pain?). Whenever people ask, "if you could go anywhere, where would you go," I can never make my mind up because I want to see it all! I want to experience different cultures and learn about places like the locals know it. I think traveling is one of my biggest life goals.

5. I was on the varsity sailing team my freshman year of college. I went to Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA. I knew absolutely nothing about sailing, but it sounded like fun and it was my first year in college so why not! I had the best experience and made life long friendships there!

6. I left ODU, and transferred to the University of North Carolina where I graduated with a degree in Journalism. That's where I found out my love for writing!

7. I'm OBSESSED with the beach! Any and every beach. I get to the beach early in the morning and stay until the sun goes down. I love everything about it, and I believe there is no better place in the world!

8. I have an amazing boyfriend, Kevin, who I've been dating for almost three and a half years now. He is a piano player, composer, and budding sync artist. You may even hear some of his music on your TV one day! He also takes most of my photos for Lashville. He's so supportive of my dreams. I don't know what I'd do without him!

9. My older sister, Keenan, is my best friend. Believe it or not, we've been friends since day one and hardly ever fought growing up. She's the coolest sister a girl could have! She also takes some of my photos for Lashville.

10. I'm a strong Christian. Without my faith I would have failed at life so long ago! God keeps me strong, EVERY DAY. I freak out on the regular about what I'm doing with my life, and whether I'm making the right life choices. But, I know God has my back and His plan is perfect. I have no idea where I would be in life without Him!

Holy cow my feet are so pale!!! Girlfriend needs a serious trip to the beach!

As promised, here are my outfit details...

I love a good jumpsuit, especially when you can't really decide what to wear. It get's the job done and you still look cute. I found this linen pinstripe jumpsuit at a local Nashville store called Blush Boutique. I threw on a pair of Steve Madden espadrilles, but you can always get away with a cute sandal or even some heels. Last but not least, I finished off this look with a straw bag (that I got from my stylish grandmother) and Madewell bandana.

TREND ALERT: Straw bags are going to be very popular this spring and summer so go get yours now! If you like this look, you can shop similar items below.






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