Downtown Girl

Photos by Kevin Hutchens

I've lived in Nashville for almost two years now, and I'm sad to say I hardly ever go downtown to explore the city I live in. It's just a few minutes from where I live, but I never feel like dealing with the mess of the crowds and parking. But, this past weekend my boyfriend/photographer and I braved the crowds and adventured downtown to walk around and snap a few fashion shots. We walked across the pedestrian bridge, up and down Broadway, along the Cumberland River, and even to the Hard Rock for a quick pit stop. Yes girl, that's two miles in heels! If that's not a good way to tone your booty, then I don't know what is!

These photos where taken in Printer's Alley, a few blocks away from Broadway. What's Printer's Alley you ask? Truthfully I'm not really sure, but I know it's famous. So, just for you I did a little research. In the 1920s, this area housed Nashville's publishing industry. Not as big as Fleet Street in London, but Nashville held it's own. By the 1940s, Printer's Alley was the nightclub and entertainment hotspot in Nashville — kind of like today's honky tonks on Broadway.

I threw on this fun outfit that I like to call the "downtown girl" look. What like you don't name your outfits? It's a casual, cute weekend look that's easily replicated! I love a good graphic tee and found this one at Target in the men's section for $12.

FASHION TIP #1 : the men's section always has the best graphic tees.

I scored the button down skirt on sale at Blush Boutique in Nashville.

FASHION TIP #2: just because it's on sale doesn't mean it's out of style.

The long duster was a TJ Maxx find a few years ago and has become the perfect layering piece. I threw on one of my favorite pair of black booties circa 2014, and added a red Madewell bandana and fishnet socks for detail.

FASHION TIP #3: there's no shame in re-wearing older pieces in your closet. I do it all the time!


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