New Year, Same Me

Photos by Keenan Peterson

Hi friends, welcome back to Lashville! While the year has changed, I'm still the same old me writing blog posts, taking pictures, finding new fashion trends, and loving life in Nashville. I'm not much of a new years resolution girl so I'm not going to give you a spiel on all the goals I have for myself. I don't ever tell myself "I want to in great shape this year or I want to stop drinking so much coffee this year" because that's most likely not going to happen. However, my main focus for this coming year is just to work harder at what I love to do (blogging) and to continue to be my true self within the fashion I choose and the posts I write. AUTHENTICITY is my word for this year!

This outfit is one of my current favorites in my wardrobe, and I'm definitely channeling 70s vibes in this look —an older man at the grocery store even told me my outfit was psychedelic! My pants from Altar'd State are a black faux suede with brown embroidery. They are form fitting and extremely comfortable. Although they are no longer available in black, you can shop them in brown. My crop sweater is from Dress Up Nashville, a cute boutique in Hillsboro Village. I love the burnt mustard color for winter this year. I've layered it with a faux fur vest from American Eagle circa 2012 and paired brown Steve Madden booties to finish off the look. Shop the look below.

Thanks for stopping by!

- Carly

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