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Updated: Mar 17, 2020

I love a good girl boss success story — it's the reason I started Lashville — and this particular story is sure to inspire other female entrepreneurs who are looking to get their start in the music industry or start their own company. In an industry dominated by men, these two women have shown that the true recipe to success is hard work and passion. I sat down with Channing Moreland and MaKenzie Stokel, the brains behind EVAmore, to learn just how they are changing the music industry for the better.

Photos by Taylor Smith

Moreland and Stokel met during freshman orientation at Belmont University. It was then that they realized their similarities in career aspirations. Both had a desire to work in the music industry, but also knew there were parts of the business they hoped to one day change. They started the booking business freshman year, but it wasn't until they were chosen for Project Music, Nashville's first startup accelerator that fosters innovation in the music industry, that EVAmore came to be.

When it comes to booking performers for an event, many people may not know the time-consuming process an event planner must endure. It often involves a lot of back-and-forth negotiating about prices and contracts between the planner and booking agent. This is where EVAmore steps in.

EVAmore is an online booking platform that provides live music for private events. It's a one-stop shop for event planners and is easy to use. All the planner has to do is post the event details, and then artists will bid to play the event. The planner can then choose between the top five to ten artists that bid. EVA, "your event helper," will handle the booking, contract, and payment part. Easy as that!

"EVA is there to help you," Moreland said.

"We wanted a female name to represent two female founders. Also, booking has always been such a manual process so we wanted a personalized touch within our technology," said Stokel. "We made it so that the website can do it all for you, but we also wanted it to be a customized experience."

With a database of artists spanning many genres and price ranges, planners have a vast amount of options to choose from. Moreland and Stokel ensure that above all their artists are professionals. No more no-shows or late arrivers. Say goodbye to stress party planners!

"We have a great reputation right now of the recurring customer coming back and wanting to book with us," said Moreland, "because not only do they have artists they haven't heard before but [the artists] are kind, genuine and want to be there."

Want to be on EVAmore? Artists can apply to join here.

Book an artist for your next event here.

Find out more about EVAmore here.



Lashville: What does it take to be a girl boss?

Stokel: Not about thinking that we’re girls. We're just trying to compete with other bosses. We want to be just as good or better than dudes doing the same thing. We don't want to be viewed as girl founders, just founders.

Moreland: We just want to be strong representatives of the fact that it is equal and sometimes just talking about the inequalities makes it unequal.

S: The best part about being your own boss is not having to change who you are or adjust your values and beliefs. A big thing for us is transparency and making sure the artist get what they deserve.

M: Moving forward with modesty and being humble about it, but remaining a very strong foundation and not letting those moments of break-ability show. No matter what, we are going to show that we are strong.

L: What are the pros and cons of running your own business?

S: It's great being your own boss and not having somebody telling you what to do, although we have investors we have to report to. But the biggest con is that you’re your own worst critique. You can feel like you're never doing enough.

M: But that's life. Every con is a pro and every pro is a con. It's just deciding at the end of the day what you want. The best is never good enough because you have to be hard on yourself.


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