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Happy Wednesday, ladies! I haven't written a feature piece lately and it's been long overdue. I'm excited to feature Lalo + Rae, a online jewelry company started by two sisters. I love their jewelry because it's trendy and affordable. Their collection has something for every fashionista whether you like simple designs or statement pieces.

Last year I worked a holiday market in Memphis for Mignon's (a clothing and design boutique in Brentwood). It was great getting to walk around and see all the vendors, startups, and locally owned businesses. My favorite part was getting to meet the hardworking women behind the racks of clothing, jewelry and holiday decor. They were the masterminds behind the businesses.

I noticed a swarm of women around one particular booth so I decided to go check it out. It was Lalo + Rae's booth! At first glance I could see just how gorgeous the jewelry was, but then I looked at the price tag and knew why everyone was so excited. I believe every woman from that holiday market gave their daughter or friend Lalo + Rae jewelry for Christmas that year. I even bought myself three pieces of jewelry that day (trying to have self-restraint and not spend my entire paycheck in one place).


Date Night Hoops

Druzy Pendant Choker (coming soon)

Lashville: How did Lalo + Rae get started?

Rachel: Lalo + Rae started back in 2011, just as a hobby. I've always loved jewelry, just like all the women in my family! When it started growing, I asked my sister to join me since she has more of the "business" mind, and I have more of the "creative" mind. The name came about from our nicknames, and it just worked! We started growing quickly and doing home parties, which eventually led to doing larger trunk shows and retail markets. It was such a fun time for us to spend time together doing something we loved!

L: What led you to make the decision to go from online boutique to wholesaler?

R: Fast forward 5 years - after many people asking if the line was available in stores or sold wholesale - I finally decided to give it a try! I was given a name of a sales rep that had been in the wholesale industry for a long time and knew all about it. That one phone call changed everything. She mentored me every step of the way - now there are 5 sales rep for the line (including myself) and we are represented in over 30 stores so far! To watch your dream come to fruition is like no other feeling in the world! My sister has since moved on to do real estate and be a mom to her beautiful girls, and I quit my full time job to pursue my dream of Lalo + Rae. The company is still "new" and I am still learning every day, but I have never felt so happy to wake up every day and realize this is my reality. Jewelry is still available on our website - it will just be available in stores now too!

L: What advice can you give women wanting to start their own business?

R: My outlook is "better oops than a what if"— there are always ups and downs in starting a business. Some days you feel on top of the world, and other days are very discouraging. But you have to push through and continue fighting for your vision. I heard one time that 90% of people give up right before the break through. I refuse to be one of those people. I will keep pushing and keep working always! It can be lonely, it can be intimidating, but it is worth it! Go for it! Do your research — learn, read, ask questions. People are more than willing to help you along the way, and there is always something new to discover about your industry!

Love Knot Earrings

Check out their website to shop more fun jewelry designs!

- Carly

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