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Dress by Molly Green (Similar, Similar) | Boots by Forever 21

Alright, y’all, I just have to brag for one minute. This post is a shout-out to my sweet boyfriend who always goes above and beyond to make me feel loved. He also knows how to make my day by buying me the most gorgeous shoes from Forever 21 and surprising me with them. I have to say he’s pretty good at picking up on my hints. I mean it’s not like I talked about these faux suede embroidered boots for hours (what can I say when I see something I like, I get a little obsessed over it).

I love keeping up with the ever-changing fashion trends, so when I find a piece that’s on trend and inexpensive I can’t pass it up. How much are we talking here? You can find these exact boots at Forever 21 for $35. That means you could even get a second pair of shoes for the price you would pay for designer shoes —in my book that’s a win-win.

These boots make any outfit look fun and sexy! When it comes to styling, I like to mix-up outfits by playing with textures. I paired the Forever 21 suede boots with a short lace dress from Molly Green. I have tagged similar dress options for you to replicate this look. For a more relaxed style, try pairing with jeans that have frayed or notched hems to show off that lovely boot (example).

Want to shop more embroidered boots? See below for a roundup of my favorites!

Happy Weekend!


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