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Maxi Dress by Lucky Brand (Similar, Similar) | Belt by Molly Green (Similar) | Cuff by Lucky Brand (Similar) | Boots (Similar)

I may have said this before, but I will say it again, "I absolutely love the boho style!" It's my go-to look for the summertime because its perfect for mixing and matching your old staples with new clothes. This is important to me as an independent, 20-something whose trying to make it in the world because it keeps costs down while staying stylish. Another added bonus, the bohemian style is perfect for when you go on vacation and can only take one suitcase but still want to pack a weeks worth of different outfits. You can easily change up an outfit by layering a jean jacket, lightweight cardigan or kimono over a dress or top. When trying to perfect the boho style don't shy away from patterns like paisley, floral or aztec print — embrace your wild side head on. Oh, did I mention the jewelry? Lots and lots of jewelry. Layer, stack & drape it on.

If you like all these things and are thinking to yourself, "I want to go boho but there's so many things I need to buy," well wait just a minute. You don't have to completely revamp your wardrobe, instead, I would suggest shopping for staples first. What do these staples look like? Well, I have made a complete style guide to achieving the boho look. Check it out below!

Click the style guide to download & save for your next shopping trip!

Happy Weekend! Go forward in your boho confidence!


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