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This post is a shoutout to all you sun worshipers, beach babes, and outdoorsy girls — I know you're out there! With summer being just around the corner I'm starting to plan my vacations to the beach and day trips to the lake. All that time in the sun means one thing, SKINCARE! If I'm being totally honest with you, I absolutely love the feeling of having tan, glowing skin but I know how bad it is to sit in the sun all day. So, I've teamed up with Griffin Churchwell, aesthetician at the Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville, to give you tips on summer skincare and an awesome product list that will help protect your skin from the sun and ward off aging.

Q&A with Griffin Churchwell

Lashville: What made you want to become an aesthetician?

Churchwell: I joke that I was a born aesthetician. I've always been into skincare and makeup for as long as I can remember. I read Bobby Brown's first beauty book in the '90s and wanted go to school to major in theatrical makeup. I went to my dad and was like I can major in makeup, but he was like "no you can't." So, I actually went to college for retail merchandising, but I could tell that wasn't what I really wanted to do. I'd never heard of an aesthetician before I started school; I didn't know that it was a job. My mom was like you should be a dermatologist, but I didn't want to do the dirty stuff. I like the fun, pretty part of it. She mentioned becoming an aesthetician. Now, I have been doing it for 10 years.

L: Why is sunscreen so important?

C: When I do chemical peels or hydrafacials on people, they ask me how long they should wear sunscreen for, and I'm like everyday for the rest of your life! It's the number one thing you can do for anti-aging. Whenever people ask me what's the one secret product I always respond, SPF. If you block the UVA and UVB rays daily, they're not damaging your collagen. UVA and UVB rays come through and degrade your collagen causing age spots and skin cancer.

L: What level of SPF should you use?

C: I tell people at least a 30 SPF and no stronger than a 50 SPF. The key is reapplication. You need to be reapplying it if you are going to be outside all day at least every hour or hour and a half. Experiment and find an SPF that's going to work for you. All the one's that we sell at the Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville feel very nice on.

L: Why shouldn't you use above 50 SPF?

C: I just think they have more chemicals in them. They haven't been proven to be anymore effective because really reapplication is the key.

L: What important skincare tips can you give?

C: You want to wash your face before you go to bed even if you don't wear a lot of makeup. Just getting off the dirt, oil and pollution of the day is really important. There are a lot of studies now about pollution and how it's getting into our skin and causing pigmentation. So, getting off the grime of the day is really important.

L: What do you think about night eye cream? Is it important?

C: Eye cream is designed for that delicate skin around the eye. Keeping the eye skin hydrated will help to ward off wrinkles (it's not going to stop them).

L: What services do you offer at the Plastic Surgery Center of Nashville?

C: Hyrdafacials, coolsculpting, and a variety of lasers for everything from hair removal to brown spots to skin resurfacing.

L: What would you say to those who criticize and say all these beauty treatments aren't necessary?

C: I feel like none of the stuff I do is necessary. It's all cosmetic, but when I know my hair, skin and nails look good I have more confidence. That's kind of how I view my job. I've coolsculpted authors, judges, moms, etc., and everyone just wants to look and feel confident in themselves. Women tell me they don't want to wear a lot of makeup, so the hydrafacials and lasers allow them to not worry about wearing makeup just to feel confident.

L: What advice can you give women who don't have money to spend on expensive skincare treatments?

C: Three things I always say are sleep, water and sunscreen. What we eat and put into our bodies definitely reflects what's on the outside. SLEEP: I suggest eight to nine hours of sleep. WATER: I think the best thing I have read is you take your body weight in half and drink that amount of water throughout the day. Summer is a great time to eat watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes, etc. that contain water that counts as your daily water intake. That's what I call "eating your water."

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Next time you head to the pool, beach, lake or just to run errands around town don't forget to grab that SPF and tons of H2O to keep your beautiful skin hydrated and protected! If you have any additional comments about summer skincare drop on by the comment section or send some love to the Lashville email.

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