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Updated: Mar 17, 2020

When I think about where fashion and the latest trends originate the first city that comes to mind is New York City, and I mean "duh," it definitely has made its mark on the fashion industry. Los Angeles ranks second. But NYC and LA can't be the only cities to give us fashion advice, right?

This may come as a shock to you, but our beloved Nashville is on its way to becoming the next hub for the fashion world. With the work from the Nashville Fashion Alliance and Nashville Fashion Week, Nashvillians are able to celebrate local designers and brands all year round. But this post isn't just about the NFA or NFW! I sat down with the amazing Caroline Acree to learn about Nashville Wardrobe Project.

Photos from Caroline Acree

Caroline is a native of Nashville (they do exist!), and started falling in love with fashion at a young age. Her fashionista mother, who was always decorated in Chanel, taught her the secrets to styling and staying on top of trends. By college, Caroline had started her own fashion blog where she modeled the latest designs from French Connection, H&M and Zara amongst other brands. In late 2014, she became increasingly interested in locally made fashion and locally owned fashion boutiques. "Local Focus" was a series she published monthly to showcase local designers and store owners.

The launch of the NFA and watching the groundbreaking documentary "The True Cost," which investigates the impact of fast fashion on humans and environment, caught Caroline's attention and she began to question the brands she supported.

"I started to realize I was really uncomfortable with the sponsors I worked with and my shopping habits," Caroline says. “I was telling these big companies that I only work with sustainable fashion.”

She made a promise to shop for clothing that was ethically made and sustainable when possible and to promote only local fashion on her blog. Nashville's fashion community became increasingly important to her and eventually led to her becoming a member of the NFA. After seven years of blogging, she wrapped up Caroline Margaret Studio and started to lay the blueprints for her next project.

Nashville Wardrobe Project launched on Instagram in February 2016. Caroline chose Instagram as the medium for NWP because it is her favorite platform and one of the most used social media communities. She sent out emails to Nashville-based bloggers, boutiques and designers that she believed would care about and participate in the movement. The mission behind the movement: NWP challenges its followers to "wear one item from a local designer or boutique every day."

With over one year since the launch of Nashville Wardrobe Project, Caroline has received lots of positive feedback and support from bloggers, designers and Instagram users. As Nashville's fashion scene continues to grow, NWP helps to keep the community focused on local, sustainable and ethical fashion.

"Nashville Wardrobe Project serves as a reminder to shop local."

Check out some of Caroline Acree's favorite Nashville fashion brands:

Caroline Acree's advice to Lashville women:

"Love yourself and love others. Personal success cannot be found without first finding some level of self acceptance and self confidence. On the other end of the spectrum, outward success cannot be found without actions coming from a place of love. The Nashville Wardrobe Project was born from a place of love for the local community. Any positive steps I've taken in my career or in my personal life have been because I've loved myself enough to believe in my own self worth. I've learned true confidence can only come from within, and generosity through love is infectious. If I'm carefully producing something out of love, I know there's a good chance it'll effect someone else in a positive manner."

Want to get involved? Follow Nashville Wardrobe Project and take the challenge!

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