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Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Photos by Kristen Van-Zant

I recently sat down with April Kry, one of Nashville's up-and-coming female voices in country music. I like to think tiny but mighty is the best description for April as an artist — tiny figure, mighty vocals.

April is a Connecticut native but has lived in Nashville for some time with the goal of pursuing her dreams of becoming a successful country music artist. Her love for singing began in church where she sang alongside her sister every Sunday, and continued as she became involved in musical theater.

“I kind of just always knew it was something I wanted to pursue,” April says.

Despite her northern upbringing, she grew up listening to country's powerhouse female vocalists including Martina McBride, Faith Hill and Shania Twain. Her love for a Martina McBride album, a gift from her mother, assured that country music was the right path for her to follow. April noticed the songs she wrote followed closely to the songs you hear on country radio, but she didn’t just write songs about falling in love or out of it. She enjoyed writing songs similar to McBride’s about life lessons and life’s trials.

“I always enjoyed the story telling aspect of the genre,” she says.

April started commuting back and forth from Connecticut to Nashville to write songs after graduating high school, skipping the conventional route of attending college right after graduating. It didn’t take her long until she was plugged into multiple songwriting circles. About five years ago, April decided to become a permanent resident of Music City and pursue music full-time.

“Its interesting when you first come to Nashville, you feel overwhelmed because there’s so much talent here,” April says, "but I just went in and was like 'I’m going to be me’ and everyone was so supportive.”

We all remember a special group of brothers on Disney called the Jonas Brothers. Just to break down April's coolness factor, she has not only cut one of their songs but was managed by Kevin Jonas, Sr. He discovered April's cover videos on YouTube, and before she knew it April was cutting a song written by Nick Jonas called "Daddy's Little Girl." Radio Disney got wind of her amazing vocals a couple of years ago, hopped on the Kry train, and started promoting her singles on Radio Disney Country.

Since her move to Nashville, April has gone on to sign with William Morris, work with producers and songwriters to create her own music, transform her sound, and make plans to release an EP and get on a tour. She tells me she has started to listen to gospel and pop music more in order to blend those genre's into her own sound. Her sister and often co-writer, an artist and songwriter in LA, is helping to expose these soulful influences in her new music.

“As an artist you keep evolving and finding new influences,” April says. "I think you go through phases and seasons.”

April recently released her latest single "While We're Young," a song she wrote a couple of years ago at Blackbird studios, and plans to release an official music video in the coming months. The song is a perfect combination of catchy lyrics and a free spirit attitude, one that's necessary for a song that preaches not taking life for granted.

“I feel like music meets you where you are,” she says. “I just want to be that for my audience.”

April Kry's advice to other Lashville women pursing a country music career:

1. Being a female in the country market is difficult. You have to learn how to be independent, stand your ground, and don't take no for an answer.

2. Remember to be yourself because people will try to change you.

3. People will know if you aren't being genuine.

4. Beauty standards! You will never be perfect in the media's eyes, but if you be yourself people will notice.

Want to hear more from April Kry? Check out her official music page here!

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Also, April Kry has the coolest fan club called the Kry Babies! Thinking about joining that one myself! Place you might see April next: Radio Disney Awards and CMA Fest.

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