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Updated: Mar 17, 2020

Photos by Courtney Webb

Courtney Webb grew up in Knoxville, Tennessee, where she first found her love for photography while taking a black and white film class during her junior year of high school. As someone who always pursued art, photography easily became her next passion even though she had little experience and lacked proper equipment. Courtney continued to pursue her passion senior year while taking AP photography classes. This year was a turning point in her career as her AP portfolio went on to win a top award at Maryville College and two selected photos were hung at the Frist Center in Nashville. She went on to study Mass Communications with a concentration in Advertising and a double minor in Art and Marketing at Middle Tennessee State University. Her knowledge of advertising and marketing enabled her to start a photography marketing company alongside her father.

CWebb Photography Marketing is based in Nashville and they offer a variety of headshot services from business to actor to custom portraits. This is not the only work Courtney is focused on. During her years in college, Courtney was inspired to start a personal photography project called Skin and Bones. After graduating, she continues to work on and grow Skin and Bones while living in Nashville.

Below are photos from Skin and Bones:

Skin and Bones is a photography project that was created by Courtney to promote self acceptance of women's bodies and body positivity no matter the shape, size, age or color. The project consists of photos that reveal areas of women's bodies that they consider to be an issue or ugly, and Courtney works to show the beauty of those so called "issue areas" through her photography.

"My question is why are we changing with what society is saying," Courtney says. "We are not all meant to be small. We are not all meant to be big. We are different shapes and sizes."

Each session usually lasts for two hours. She begins the session by interviewing a woman, talking through her insecurities and recognizing the areas of her body that she loves. All the photos are confidential unless the model gives her approval to verify her identity. The photos can be taken in the nude or implied nude, which is wearing skin toned clothing like a neutral-colored sweater or skin-tone underwear. Courtney says that she hopes to one day put all the photos and interviews into a book to be used as a platform for women to reference.

"We are all made of skin. We are all made of bones. It's just the fat that makes us different," she says.

Learn more about Skin and Bones here:

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