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Updated: Mar 17, 2020

I recently sat down with Lacey Campbell, hair stylist at Parlour 3 in Brentwood, to talk spring trends, healthy hair tips and advice for future hair stylists. As we transition to spring and warmer weather, I always like to freshin' things up for a new season including my hair! Lacey offers advice that will keep you up-to-date on recent trends and help you achieve the look you want by maintaining healthy, happy hair.

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Lashville: Did you always know you wanted to be a hair stylist?

Lacey Campbell: Yes, it is something I always wanted to do. I did get started a little later in life with this career than I had hoped to, but I almost feel like it gave me an advantage to be a little bit older and a little bit more confident because you are essentially telling people what is best for them. I think being super young in this career, you might not have the confidence to do that. It is definitely something I had always wanted to do and have seen myself doing. I’ve always loved the hair and makeup world.

Lashville: How did you pursue your career?

Lacey Campbell: My sister had always been in the music industry, and so I was lucky enough to dabble in it with her and always get her ready for shows and photo shoots. When the Aveda Institute opened in Nashville, my mom and I went by to check it out, and I loved it. They were offering something called Catwalk for Water, which is what Aveda does every year to raise money for clean water. Prospective students can enter to do the fashion show. You bring a model, do their hair and makeup, and you create their look. The winner wins a full scholarship to Aveda. I entered it and had a little under two weeks to get everything together. I ended up winning, which allowed me to have a free scholarship to the Aveda Institute. I started right away. I met John and Alan who were two of the five judges at Catwalk for Water and kept in touch with them the entire year while I was doing my education. I started with them right away when I graduated and worked two years with them. But, I realized that I really ultimately wanted to be at Parlour 3.

The complete look from Catwalk for Water that won Lacey her scholarship to Aveda Institute.

Lashville: You work at Parlour 3. Can you tell me about the salon and what services they offer?

Lacey Campbell: Parlor 3 is a full service salon. We offer everything from hair and makeup to facials to manicures and pedicures. We just started offering micro blading, which is permanent tattooing of eyebrows. It’s laid out to where you can have a very private experience or you can be in the middle of all the busyness of the salon as well. We also have a barbour shop and Hunter Paige, which is Parlous 3’s sister salon. It’s a full service salon as well, but it caters to bridal parties.

Check out Parlour 3 and their services!

Lashville: What services do you personally offer at Parlour 3?

Lacey Campbell: I primarily do a lot of color and cuts with hair. I'm also on the wedding team so I do hair and makeup with that as well. We do a lot of on-site work with weddings. On the weekends Hunter Paige shuts down the full service salon, and brides are able to rent the salon out and get ready there for their whole bridal party. I love doing updos and creating full looks of hair and makeup.

Lashville: What trends are you seeing for spring hair styles? Any new coloring trends?

Lacey Campbell: Colors are definitely working more towards the natural look. That doesn’t necessarily mean that people aren’t getting their hair colored, but they want a really seamless color that doesn’t scream that they get their hair colored. They want to be able to wear it longer rather than having roots in four to six weeks. They want it to look really effortless with their styles and color.

A lot of textured cuts are in right now to where you can wear that nice beach wave and not have a fussy hair style while still looking put together. I love it because I think its so easy for people to recreate at home, and I think that’s the biggest thing for your clients is to be able to recreate the look on their own. I have a lot of blonde clients and that’s one of my favorite things to do are blondes. Bright blondes, face framing highlights, and balayage that grows out nice is trending right now.

Lashville: What’s the secret to having healthy, happy hair?

Lacey Campbell: Well, definitely minimal coloring is always good for your hair. Doing a lot of glossing that helps your hair look nice and fresh, but is essentially non-damaging on the hair. Glossing helps a lot to keep it shiny and to help your hair look kept up. If you are trying to grow your hair out, I definitely recommend using salon-quality products that are going to really help your hair and give it lots of nutrients.

I do recommend little baby trims. I know a lot of people like to say “oh I’m growing my hair so I’m not going to get it cut,” but it really does help it to grow and stay healthier if you get it trimmed just because the ends aren’t breaking off as much. It will continue to grow longer rather than breaking off and staying at one length. If you have nice, healthy hair I think a trim every 10 to 12 weeks is good.

Lashville: What products do you suggest using?

Lacey Campbell: I love the J Beverly Hills products for shampoo and conditioner. They have a product called “Masque” that is a scalp and hair mask. I love it especially for girls who get their hair colored a lot and blondes. It really just keeps the scalp and hair healthy, which promotes hair growth. I love the Oribe and Fave 4 styling products. Both have great dry shampoos, texture sprays and hairsprays that make it easy to hold a style all day.

Lashville: What would you say to girls who don’t have the money to spend on these products?

Lacey Campbell: Often times I think people just misunderstand it. Yes, up front it seems like it costs a little more, but the J Beverly Hills shampoo and conditioner are around $20 each and they are concentrated products. Because they are salon quality, you are not having to use as much product to get a nice lather and to get your hair clean. So in the long run you are spending the same amount of money because you aren’t having to buy shampoos as soon as you would with store brands because you feel like you have to use more. So it kind of evens it out.

Lashville: What are your thoughts on hair oils?

Lacey Campbell: I love serums! Oribe has some great serums. I always suggest using heat protectant if you are blow drying or curling your hair. Most serums have a heat protectant in them so if you put it in your damp hair then you’re good to go!

Lashville: How can you know what style is good for your face? Is there a perfect style for everyone?

Lacey Campbell: I don’t know necessarily if there is a universal style. I feel like people are always wondering what is on trend right now, but I think whatever flatters you is always going to be on trend. As long as it looks good on you, then you’ re going to look current. I definitely feel like most people know exactly what they don’t love about their face shape and so those are the things that you don’t want to accentuate. People will tell you things that they don’t like about themselves faster than the things they do like. I try to use those key points to figure out what their favorite things are to try to bring that out rather than accentuate the things they don’t like.

Lashville: What pieces of advice can you give other women wanting to pursue a career in hair styling?

Lacey Campbell: To just go to school. It’s an easy career to finish the education portion. It’s only 11 months so I feel like anyone can do anything for 11 months. I have more positive days in this career than I have negative days. You’re helping people everyday. I think if you are a people-person and you’re interested in this career then do it because it's very rewarding.

Lashville: What’s exciting about styling hair in Nashville?

Lacey Campbell: I mean there are lots of photo shoots and red carpet events. I think that’s always super exciting to know that pictures of your hair styling might be posted somewhere very cool. We get a lot of people from out of town that found Parlour 3 on social media or see my boss Melissa Schleicher in hair magazines or People Magazine with Carrie Underwood. People will plan trips to come to Nashville to get an appointment at Parlour 3.

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