Sunny Daze + Distressed Clothes

I know it has been a minute since my last post, but I'm back and ready to give the Lashville community more boss ladies, style tips and maybe even some beauty advice (not that I'm a makeup/hairstyle guru). My explanation for why I've been MIA: I had the best vacation at Snowshoe Mountain!

Most of you probably do not know that I'm originally from Virginia, a very very small town called Staunton, and some of you also don't know that I was a ski instructor in high school. Living just 45 minutes from a ski resort, a ski instructor seemed like the most sensible job. So, when the chance arose to go skiing and snowboarding this winter with my sister, cousin and boyfriend, I just couldn't turn it down.

It's funny to me that I like skiing so much because I hate the cold. I'm the kind of person whose hands and feet are freezing cold at all times, but I guess if you love doing something enough, you will do it at all costs. All that being said, I'm ready to leave this cold weather behind and move on to warmer, sunnier days.

Just two days ago the temperature was 70 degrees in Nashville, which made me think about transitions. As the temperature changes, figuring out what to wear can be difficult especially in Nashville where it seems to easily fluctuate.

Not to fear Lashville ladies, I have the perfect remedy! This distressed sweatshirt from Blush Boutique is both lightweight and perfect for layering. I love that you can be casual while still looking cute. I paired it with distressed jeans from Old Navy and brown suede booties by Steve Madden. My favorite feature about the jeans is the frayed bottom (TREND ALERT). The bottom sits just above my ankle to show off my booties. I'm also crazy about the choker trend and probably pair one with almost every outfit I wear — I found this one at Soca Clothing Boutique this summer.

Distressed Sweatshirt by Blush Boutiques (Shop Similiar) | Jeans by Old Navy | Booties by Steve Madden | Choker by Soca (Shop Similar)

I hope this helps as we transition to warmer times! Don't forget to use the comment box to tell me what you think, leave style and beauty requests, or just to say hi.

Thanks for reading!


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