Inner Boss Lady + Styling Tulle Skirt

Target Moto Leather Jacket | Blush Boutique Tee | Francesca's Tulle Skirt | Target Booties | Converse

Photos by Keenan Peterson

Some of you who are reading Lashville may know me and some of you may be complete strangers, but no matter here is the quick low-down on me. I had many dreams of what I would do or who I would be when I grew up (whenever that may be). As a dancer for 15 years I wanted to be a ballerina in New York City, which eventually transitioned to becoming an actress in Hollywood. Now I'm transitioning to a "boss lady," running my own blog to help find my place in the world while documenting my journey along the way. Thinking back a few years ago, I never dreamed of being in this city, starting my own blog and becoming my own boss.

Upon graduating college, I thought I had my life planned out by getting an awesome job right after school (whirlwind = no job). However, life has a way of throwing you for a whirlwind, and for a while I was caught up in trying to keep up. It all became exhausting and left little time to admire the beauty life has to offer. But, I think that this period in your life is for trying new things, being your own boss, doing the things you want to do and seeing the places you want to see. After all your 20s is a time of transition and growth, and what better way to grow then doing it your way!

So, my new resolution for this year as I continue to transition and grow is to enjoy life more and to worry a little less. I hope to grow Lashville, showcase more talented women in Nashville and become the best boss lady I can be!

When life throws you for a whirlwind, find your inner boss lady!

I love all things black, chic and pretty, but Sometimes a splash of color is nice to brighten up your day.

I hope you continue to follow Lashville to find more exciting features about strong female creatives, style posts and eventually some beauty tips! Stay tuned!

Thanks for reading,


Comment with your resolution for 2017!

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