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Welcome to Lashville! I have been waiting patiently for this day to get here and it has finally arrived! So if you're reading this post, thank you for checking out my site.

I came up with the concept for this blog while I was stuck in Nashville traffic driving home from my mundane job. As a graduated journalist from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (Go Heels!), I was beginning to wonder whether I would ever write again. Determined to change my circumstances, I decided to take matters into my own hands and turn my ideas into a platform for female creatives.

Lashville is place for female creatives to come to find community, inspiration, encouragement, and satisfaction through stories and advice from other hardworking women pursuing their own dreams. There is really no limit to what a female creative can be, whether she is a songwriter or an entrepreneur; if she is hustling and fighting for her dreams, then she's a Lashville girl.

For a woman pursuing a career in the creative field, the road to success is challenging (to say the least) and there really isn't a guide to tell you how to do it. My hope is that Lashville can make your journey a little easier. Besides, there will be fashion and beauty tips (and tricks!) to relax with at the end of a hard day of hustling.

In order to make this blog into a community, I need a little help from you. I'd love to connect with you through my contact page or social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube). There's a comment section below, so please post any feedback, ideas for blog posts and/or connections. Or, just use the forum to chat! Also, I would love to collaborate with you so please don't hesitate to message me if you are interested in being featured on Lashville or know any women with an interesting story!

Thanks for reading!

- Carly

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